Hot Seats: 10 Restaurants, bars and trends we're talking about now

Beth Stallings, Columbus Crave

Rigsby's Kitchen

We're keeping an eye on this Short North notable that topped the Crave 10 list last year. New executive chef Silas Caeton (Veritas Tavern) is promising a menu shakeup come June.

Acai Bowls

These filling superfoods-packed bowls will be the light lunch of the summer. Find great vers ions at Alchemy Juice Bar + Cafe on Parsons and Zest in Grandview.

Izzy & Mo's

For real this time! Magdiale Wolmark's (Till Dynamic Fare) Jewish deli has been two years in the making. The ode to Wolmark's heritage finally opened its doors next to Till in Victorian Village in May.

Sour Beer

Industry folk love these tart brews that can be fickle to make. What's all the fuss? Find out in our story on local sours in the summer issue.

Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams

We've gotten a glimpse of life without Salty Caramel, and it's a sad, sad world. We applaud Jeni's swift action, recalling pints and closing shops after listeria was found in their production kitchen. Just please hurry back.

Flatiron Bar & Diner

This Downtown eatery has ditched the traditional American fare for a more worldly approach thanks to the onboarding of chef Matthew Heaggans (Swoop! Food Truck, Bebe). Some noteworthy dishes: seafood laksa, house pastrami and crisp pig ears with lemon tartar sauce.


It's time for Capt. Morgan to wave the white flag. Get ready to see craft rums, especially French cane-juice-based rum agricoles, finding their way into cocktails.

The North Market

After two years of comings and goings, the historic market is almost at capacity, including new noteworthy vendors Destination Donuts and Little Eater. Now you can have your salad and doughnut, too.


As barbecue season ramps up, we're seeing chefs opt for the smoker over the grill, such as campfire-like carrots on a salad at Flatiron and smoked salmon and white fish at Izzy & mo.

Food Delivery

Two new food delivery services have hit the streets (and we sense more are on the way). For now, you can order American-Asian fare from Bentos Lunch and morning meals from The Breakfast Club.

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