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Corey Belcher has been eating his favorite pies at Tommy's Pizza since he was a kid. "My dad introduced [Tommy's] to us as we were growing up," Belcher says. "Tommy's was a treat or reward for outstanding behavior and my request for birthday dinner as a kid." Now, he makes a stop at the 63-year-old pizza shop a weekly treat. He explains why this pie with a thin cracker crust beats the rest in Columbus.

What got you hooked? Tommy's is consistent. You get high-quality, substantial ingredients: The flavors and textures are bold and all work well together.

How often do you go, and whom do you bring with you? I typically go every Friday evening. I don't share, but sometimes some of my childhood friends and I will order a pizza [together] for old times' sake. I have introduced it to people who've never had it, and they get hooked.

What makes this pizza stand out? It's the balance of their crispy cracker crust with the bold ingredients. Meaning: You know what you're eating-Italian sausage, pepperoni, onions, ham, peppers. Those ingredients make it the perfect combination of flavor and texture and greasy goodness. When you finish, even though you may be stuffed, you still want one last bite.

What's your go-to order? I am a pepperoni and sausage man. I ask for double meat-it's the consistent taste every single time. I would recommend any combo of pizza. Also, their Italian and meatball subs are outstanding. The secret is the bread.

What's the atmosphere like? The restaurants (there are three locations) are neighborhood staples. I grew up on the Livingston and Hamilton Road location (now closed). There are two campus locations that I go to, along with one in Dublin. The atmosphere is relaxed and laid back. You will likely run into folks from all walks of life, all ages and culture; it's that type of feel. Tommy's reinforces all of the good things about growing up here in Columbus.

Karina Nova is a weekend morning anchor at WBNS 10TV News.


Photos: Tim Johnson

Corey Belcher, 37

Regular at Tommy's Pizza

Neighborhood: Berwick

Occupation: Assistant aquatics director, Gahanna/John E. Bickley YMCA