Sweet: Dough Mama Pie & Pastry

Beth Stallings, Columbus Crave

In college, Perrie Wilkof's friend gave her a cookbook with 380 pie recipes. The fashion theory major baked her way through every one, starting with key lime pie. "Pie, I was drawn to aesthetically more than anything," says the New York City native who's always had an obsession with Americana. "It's this beautiful little piece of art." She studied pastry at the International Culinary Center, worked in bakeries in New York and then moved to Columbus two years ago. In September, she launched pie-centric Dough Mama Pie & Pastry so she could craft all the interesting flavor combinations she wanted. "My tastes are a little different," Wilkof says. She'll mix lots of fresh herbs in a rhubarb pie, ginger in a pear pie or salted caramel in a pineapple galette. "I like to take things that weren't pie and turn them into pie." In July, she'll open a storefront bakery in Clintonville (3333 N. High St.) with an expanded seasonal menu. For now, order her savory and sweet treats online or at restaurants including Katalina's, Yellow Brick Pizza, Mission Coffee and Kraft House No. 5.