Where to find locally crafted sour beer

Anthony Dominic, Crave

If you're hopped out, you're in luck: Sour beers are now filling tanks at three local breweries. Sours are, to a degree, exactly what they sound like: funky, aromatic ales that pack a punch, thanks to friendly bacteria that convert sugars into acids during the brewing process.

Most offerings in Central Ohio are Belgian-inspired sours (think lambics), but Actual Brewing Co., Pigskin Brewing Co. and Lineage Brewing are opting to craft wheat-based German styles. At Pigskin's Gahanna taproom, you'll find Gose All the Way, a pale, earthy gose with a tinge of saltiness, while Lineage and Actual are both crafting Berliner weisses.

"It's one of my favorite styles," says Lineage partner Mike Byrne, who created the Clintonville brewery's sour Auntie Bernice. "It's bready with a touch of fruit. It's [got] a clean tartness, like the acidity you get from citrus."

Through July, Actual's Curiosus will be on tap at House Beer, World of Beer and Brothers Drake Meadery, and in bottles at Lucky's Market, Weiland's Market and The Anderson's General Store. But take your first sip at the brewery's East Side taproom, where it's served with traditional green and red German syrups. "The green is woodruff syrup, which makes [Curiosus] sweet and lemony," says Actual CEO Jonathan Carroll. "The red is really delicious and ups the tartness with raspberry flavor.",,