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Hoof Hearted Brewing co-owner and brewer Trevor Williams

In a busy brewing scene-new breweries, new beers, more production, more canning-Hoof Hearted Brewing stands out for three major developments in 2015: the expansion of their brewery in Marengo, the addition of canned beers and a collaboration brewpub with A&R Creative set to open late summer in the Jeffery Place in Italian Village. We caught up with Trevor Williams, who, along with brothers Jared and Ryan Bichon, is the personality behind the irreverent brewery.

First things first: Your brewery is expanding.

Our current brewery is super tight, between 700 and 800 square feet. It's in a mixed-use barn. We're always tripping over ourselves, and we couldn't make any more beer; there just isn't any room. The new building is close to [Interstate 71]. We got it really cheap. It already had the floor drains and a big three-car garage door, so it was perfect for moving on up.

How does the new spot let you grow?

We're currently brewing on a seven-barrel system. Jared is a welding engineer. He built it, so it's very inexpensive, but it does have its drawbacks. It's not ergonomically correct, I guess. A lot of calories are burned trying to make a batch of beer, and it takes a really long time. So we're expanding, and it will be more efficient. It's a professionally designed system. The new brew house is 15 barrels; we bought three 30-barrel fermenters. We'll bring over the three seven-barrel fermenters we had previously. We talked about having one as a wild yeast tank for some oddball stuff. The first beer we'll make in the new system will be a dry-hopped Berliner weisse that we're going to sour using yogurt. We'll see if it works.

You're planning a taproom as well?

Yes. At first it may just be a picnic table, and we'll tap kegs. But we'll have the ability for people to check it out and drink beer.

Once you're up and running, you'll start canning, too?

We've really wanted to package some stuff; we've just been doing draft. It's a matter of syncing up with Buckeye Canning. To start, we're going to can the Musk of the Minotaur IPA and South of Eleven double IPA. We're going to baby step our way through the next six months. It'll be interesting to see if we can make any fans in odd places.

How did the brewpub with A&R Creative come about?

When they first opened The Crest [Clintonville], we got to know Abed [Alshahal, co-owner] pretty well. They approached us about the brewpub. There's an open dialogue about the menu. We've talked about some beer styles we're both into. We wanted to create a different brewpub experience-using some interesting items or ingredients displayed in a recognizable way but using some cool techniques.

You'll have a smaller brew system there?

It's not even that small. We kind of went oversized. The idea is once we get things flowing in Marengo, we'll start focusing on the cans and maybe five core beers. Downtown, it's a 10-barrel system with 20-barrel fermenters. That's a pretty big pub system, so we'll also be doing new one-offs or spin-offs of existing beers. We'll have some excess kegs to play with and for distribution.

What's the timeline for the brewpub?

We're hearing late summer. So add three months to that.

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