Editor's Picks: Local craft soda

Beth Stallings, Columbus Crave

It was only a matter of time before soda pop took the craft-product plunge-a thankful respite from the same-old cola concoctions to which we've grown accustomed. We sampled more than a dozen soda flavors from three Ohio-based companies-Cleveland's all-natural Old City Soda Co., Akron's revival of classic company Norka, and Columbus' own Rambling House Soda-sold in grocery stores and restaurants throughout Central Ohio. Here's what we'll reach for the next time we're craving something fizzy.

Orange: Tastes like the fizzy orange pop of childhood

Root Beer: Nothing fancy; just 100 percent classic

Cola: Bright and clean-the way every cola should taste

Sarsaparilla: Like root beer without the sticky sweetness

Hibiscus: Kind of sweet, mostly tart, this one's for the floral flavor lovers

Cinnamon: If you drank a Red Hot, it would taste like this

Grapefruit: A bittersweet refresher great on its own or for topping off a cocktail