Food trend: Where to find Asian fried chicken

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Columbus Monthly
Karaage at Tokyo GoGo

Calling all fried chicken fanatics: There's more out there than buttermilk-brined and cayenne-spiced crispy pieces of poultry. Cultures all over the world cook up their own version of this comfort food staple. Here are three places to find Asian-inspired takes-from Korean to Japanese to Indonesian-on fried chicken.

The Dish: Karaage

Cuisine: Japanese

The Style: Food truck owner Miki Ashino is quick to give credit where it's due-she owes her karaage recipe to her brother, who owns a restaurant in Tokyo. Her Japanese street food chicken, served from her truck at Brothers Drake, is marinated in garlic, ginger, sesame oil and soy sauce for days, before it's tossed in potato starch and fried twice. "That keeps it juicy inside," Ashino says. "The chicken has a lot of flavor-it's just really good." 30 E. Fifth Ave., Short North, 614-916-6476

The Dish: Ayam Goreng

Cuisine: Indonesian

The Style: The owners of this Indonesian food truck are mum on the special blend of traditional spices they use to make juicy wings and legs. One bite, though, and it's clear their curry is heavy on fragrant turmeric and galangal-making for crispy-skinned chicken (no breading here) that smells every bit as good as it tastes. You'll want to pair Ayam Goreng with a refreshing local brew.

The Dish: Korean fried chicken

Cuisine: South Korean

The Style: The first Ohio location of the popular Korean-born chain opened on Dublin-Granville Road this spring, bringing Korea's classic chicken with it. The signature step, owner Huan Lin says, is the double fry at a low temperature, which makes for ultra-crispy skin that clings to moist meat like a wet suit. Sauces-a choice of savory-sweet Soy Garlic or red-chili heavy Spicy-are brushed on, not tossed, Lin adds, which keeps the coating crunchy.