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Adam and Donna Koos are busy parents with two kids. But when they get a night out alone, the couple has a favorite spot in Dublin that makes them feel right at home. Tutto Vino is a restaurant for both wine connoisseurs and anyone who wants to discover the wine world, like the Kooses, who've been known to split a bottle of wine and a cheese board on more than one occasion. Here, Adam shares what's made the wine-centric restaurant a recurring favorite.

How did you discover Tutto Vino?

We actually found out about them at the Taste of Dublin several years ago, when we also had the opportunity to meet Raj Hora, the owner. Then, someone else we were talking to gave a pretty strong testimonial, saying that we absolutely had to try it out.

What got you hooked?

The laid-back atmosphere, knowledgeable staff and wide selection of wine and spirits. They have a ton of wine to choose from, and there are always new bottles to try. Translated, the name Tutto Vino means "everything wine," but their slogan is "Everything wine … and then some."

Raj is extremely passionate about wine and spirits. They also have a huge collection of rum, tequila, bourbon, scotch and whiskey.

How often do you go?

We try to go at least once a month, but Donna also goes with her Dublin MOMS club and for girls' night out. I've taken friends, clients and business consultants from out of town. It's a wonderful place-think of it like "Cheers," but with better food and a larger selection of wine and spirits.

What's your recommended order?

We switch it up every time we're in. Sometimes we'll get the flatbread pizzas, which are fantastic. Other times, we'll get something light, like the Tomato Mozzarella salad or the Carpaccio. I'm always tempted to order more-blowing the whole purpose of "light eating" in the first place. Other times, if we've already eaten, or if we've got a late-night babysitter, we'll try a couple recommended big, complex red wines, buy a bottle we like and put together a cheese plate.

What do you like about the atmosphere?

In one sentence, we'd say Tutto Vino has a friendly, Spanish-tapas-restaurant feel, combined with a quaint steakhouse ambience. We almost always prefer to sit at the bar, which isn't something we normally do anywhere else. It's a laid-back, cozy environment that only holds a crowd of 65. Even on our very first trip there, the staff and owner made us feel like regulars. It truly has a small neighborhood feel without making newcomers feel like strangers.

Karina Nova is a weekend morning anchor at WBNS 10TV News.

Adam and Donna Koos, 36 and 33

Regulars at Tutto Vino

Neighborhood: Dublin

Occupations: President/portfolio manager and business manager, respectively, Libertas Wealth Management