Sweet: The perfect fall dessert at Barcelona

Beth Stallings, Columbus Crave

Barcelona pastry chef Stephanie Kincaid has panache for savory sweets. Amid the sugary Spanish-inspired custards and almond cakes she whips up each season, Kincaid's true style resides among the odder-sounding desserts, like blue cheese ice cream with a balsamic-honey reduction and smoked goat cheese cheesecake. Sure, her flavor experiments sometimes flop, she'll admit (a piquillo pepper mousse didn't go her way), but that doesn't prevent her from constantly asking what else she can turn into a dessert, and how she can do it differently. "Every time I make a dish, I put a little spin on it," Kincaid says. "I don't ever make it twice the same way." This season's flan rendition is a mash-up of salty caramel flan with vanilla cake spiced with apples and nutmeg and topped with caramel and crisped apples.