For the Love of Bacon: 4 Pig-Centric Bites

Staff Writer
Columbus Monthly

Fashionable ingredients come and go-truffle oil, farro, fried egg on everything-but bacon is here to stay. The proof: a new food truck dedicated to crispy cured pork belly, Bacon The Food Cart. Developed by the folks behind the Columbus Food Truck Festival (Aug. 14 to 16 at Columbus Commons), the cart features bacon-centric delicacies like BLTs and bacon on a stick. All this talk has us in the mood to praise the pig. Here's where we celebrate when the craving strikes.

Jam It!

Anyone familiar with Custom Chef knows owner Bo Carter's quick-talking, welcoming demeanor as he pounds out sandwiches and soups. The "Not" Grilled Cheese adorns cheddar and mozzarella on focaccia with house bourbon bacon jam and tomato marmalade. 88 E. Broad St., Downtown, 614-228-2220

It's Not Just Pork Belly

Challah! food truck proves pork isn't the only base for bacon. Catie Randazzo cures and smokes lamb from Bluescreek Farm Meats, then layers the slightly spicy bacon into her BLT and smoked salmon club sandwiches.

Simple, Sweet & Spicy

Along with pancake balls, Katalina's most recognizable dish is the sweet and spicy bacon. The sticky and chewy strips are coated with a custom mix that includes brown sugar and jalapeno.

Maple's Best Friend

What started as a gimmick at Buckeye Donuts-sticking slices of bacon to a maple long john-has become a mainstay. On busy days, Buckeye Donuts fires up a second grill just to crisp up bacon strips.