Three Dishes Worth Trying at Best of the Wurst

Beth Stallings
Breakfast sandwich at Best of the Wurst

When was the last time you stopped at hot-dog-centricBest of the Wurstin the North Market? It had been a while for us, too, until co-owner Kye Pimparatana and her team wowed us with the turducken of hot dog dishes at the North Market Apron Gala in May. Since, we've been stopping back for kimchee-covered dogs and other wacky takes on the wiener. Here, three dishes worth seeking out.

  1. Gang-nam Style hot dog:The dog rests under a blanket of soft, pungent kimchee and roasted seaweed scattered over the top like salty sprinkles. The best part is what you can't see-a sweet and vinegary Asian radish pickle beneath the dog.
  2. Staff's Favorite Breakfast Sandwich:Run as a regular special, this sandwich is available even if you don't see it on the menu. It's got all the sweet-savory-fatty trappings of a great a.m. eat: croissant, egg, spinach, bacon and garlic aioli.
  3. Reuben Dog:This is the dish Pimparatana calls "something special." It's a brat wrapped in house corned beef, Swiss and sauerkraut and slathered with lemony Reuben sauce. The kicker: a sprinkling of caraway seeds that teases your nose into thinking you're eating rye bread.