Local Product Review: Root 23 Infused Simple Syrup

Beth Stallings

Our home bar is a point of pride for my husband and me. We get a kick out of trying new recipes and concocting drinks our friends have never tasted. Though I will admit to throwing an ill-timed, fresh batch of simple syrup over an ice bath to cool it down minutes before guests arrive. There's something to be said for convenience, but not when it means a chemical-tasting shelf-bought syrup.

Leah Monaghan and Barb Stauffer are two women after my own heart. The Columbus residents launched Root 23, a line of all-natural infused simple syrups, earlier this year. Their concoctions imbue cane sugar with fresh ingredients from nearby farms, such as Jorgensen's in Westerville and Folsom & Pine in Orient. Of the four flavors they currently offer, reach for theVanilla Ginger, which tastes like liquefied caramelized ginger. A splash of that with some bourbon and bitters, and I'm set for a fall day.

Find bottles at Celebrate Local at Easton, Weiland's Market, The Hills Market and Huffman's