Craveworthy: Handmade Afortiori knives

Staff Writer
Columbus Monthly

A third-generation metal worker, Terrance Afortiori didn't want to spend his career as a machinist or welder. He desired a path with artistic license. "I wanted to leave something that lasts longer than me on this Earth," says the Central Ohio native who fell in love with the idea of making woodworking tools. "I have tools from the 1800s I use every day. I thought, 'Why not make tools?'" But when his friend and chef Marcus Meacham asked Afortiori to craft a custom chef's knife, the owner of Afortiori Tools stumbled upon his hook. For two years, Afortiori has been hand-shaping stunning custom kitchen knives for the professional and home cook. His tool and stainless-steel blades adhere to classic Japanese style with single-beveled edges (a feature considered more exacting). And for his sturdy handles, Afortiori sources a variety of exotic and domestic