Three to Try at Namaste

Kristen Schmidt, Columbus Alive

"Namaste" translates to "I bow to the divine in you." We can't promise transcendence at Namaste restaurant on Morse Road on the North Side, but we can promise these three dishes will be a great introduction to Nepali cuisine (influenced by neighbors China and India) and send you home full and


Sure, you've tried it a million times at your favorite Indian place. It's usually best employed in sopping up that last bit of curry sauce or raita. At Namaste, naan is elevated to a side dish that can stand alone. Served warm, crusty and flaky on the outside and soft inside, it is redolent of butter, making it decadent and rich, not utilitarian. You won't want to leave any behind.


These are Nepali dumplings, offered at Namaste in chicken and vegetarian options (in Nepal, they also are traditionally filled with buffalo meat). We loved the comforting vegetarian version, filled with cabbage, onion and spices and served with a dish of spicy dipping sauce.

Samosa Chat

More terminology you've seen on an Indian restaurant menu, right? But it's different here. A traditional potato and pea samosa is cut up into small pieces and doused with tangy yogurt, onions and traditional Nepali spices for an appetite-stoking starter that'll prime your taste buds for rich curries further down the menu.