After hours with Bill Patterson

Jill Moorhead

Bill Patterson, a producer and songwriter for The Wet Darlings, wears many hats. When he's not acting as the official voice for COTA, he's supplementing his music career as a server at 1808 American Bistro in Delaware. The Clintonville resident says it's easy to keep his customers happy because he's serving up excellent fare. “I don't have to use up all my charm,” he jokes. “I let the food do half the work.” We asked him where he likes to eat and drink when he's not on the clock.

Dive Bar: “It's always based on who makes a good club sandwich close to where I live. It used to be the German Village Coffee [Shop], but now it's the Blue Danube. I'm there a few times a week because the food is good, cheap, and they've got a great liquor selection.”

Takeout: “I probably get more carryout from Northstar Café than anywhere. Their salads are great. The Beechwold Salad and the Chopped Salad are really good.”

Special Occasion: “It sometimes turns into ‘What do we want to eat on a Monday?' We probably go to Wolf's Ridge more than everywhere. It's always my first suggestion to people who come from out of town. Their beer's great, their menu's fun and always high quality. If they've got the grilled octopus as an appetizer, try it.”

Comfort Food: “For me, comfort food is pizza. We split 50/50 between Harvest in Clintonville (for the anchovies) and Yellow Brick in Olde Towne East (they have the better beer selection).”