Rime Time's Pop of Color

Renee Casteel Cook
Rime Time Curiously Crafted Pops

When you recall the Popsicles of your childhood, Strawberry Angostura, Watermelon Habanero and Coconut Marble probably don’t come to mind. But those “curious” flavors are becoming a Columbus summer tradition thanks to Cody Miller, who first introduced his ice pop mobile cart in 2015.

From Rime Time’s first experimental riff on a PB&J featuring Krema Nut Co. peanut butter, Miller has showcased local products, including produce from Hirsch Fruit Farm, chocolate from Ohiyo Chocolate and coffee from Mission Coffee Co. Availability of ingredients often drives Rime Time’s ever-shifting menu. For example, it takes roughly 100 pounds of watermelon to make a batch of Watermelon Habanero pops. Once it’s gone, a new flavor takes its place.

Other early to midsummer flavors include Mango Lime, White Nectarine Rosé and Georgia Peach. The founder’s personal favorites are the Avocado pop, which Miller describes as “super creamy, sweet, sour and a little savory”, the Coconut Marble, which gets its black swirl from activated charcoal; and the Cantaloupe Cucumber, which Miller calls “a weird combination that not a lot of people think will work. … It’s so good.”

And it must be, as Rime Time—“rime” refers to the frost that accumulates on the exterior of a frozen pop—has grown significantly in just four seasons (May through mid-September). Miller estimates he sold just under 2,000 ice pops in 2015; last year, it was around 25,000.

Rime Time’s fleet of carts will cover up to five events at a time this season, including weekly Worthington and Dublin farmers markets as well as Columbus Pride (June 14–16). During Pride weekend, Rime Time will showcase a wine-pop collaboration with The Joseph hotel as well as its instantly Instagrammable Rainbow pops. Private catering is also available for events, whether Rime Time drops off a cooler of 25 pops or sets up to serve groups of 100 or more. rimetimepops.com


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