After Hours with Amy Gadd

Jill Moorhead
Amy Gadd

When Amy Gadd moved to Clintonville after college two years ago, she got a job serving at Hounddog’s (2657 N. High St.) just so she could eat the pizza. The part-time server (who also works several music-related gigs) is a vegetarian and enjoys working at a place where customers recognize she’s human and “not a robot.” We asked where she likes to eat and drink.

Mediterranean: Lavash Café. “I like the environment there. They have a wall of colored tapestry that makes it feel very Clintonville. It’s a good feeling.”

Carryout: Papa Joe’s Pizza on Indianola. “The tortellini comes in a huge portion. It’s good and inexpensive. When I go pick up, they’re so friendly.”

Dive Bar: Café Bourbon Street. “I love their pierogis [from Pierogi Mountain]. My friends in the band JNCO have a monthly jam session. … It’s really strange but very cool.”

Guilty Pleasure: Condado Tacos. “I go there more than I should. I eat tacos left and right. I am made of pizza and tacos.”

Breakfast: “I go to Dough Mama when friends are in town. They have the best matcha tea that I’ve ever had, and [almost] everything there is vegan or vegetarian. I never have to worry about reading the ingredients.”