After Hours with Steve Panagiotopoulos

Jill Moorhead
Steve Panagiotopoulos

When Campus Partners began revamping Ohio State’s neighborhood, Steve Panagiotopoulos moved his restaurant, Greek Village Gyros, which had been open since 1974, to West Broad Street. After a brief retirement back to his native Greece, Panagiotopoulos returned to Columbus to be with his daughters and open his own food truck, Stathis Greek Gyros & Grill. He currently parks in the Clintonville Sherwin Williams lot (3150 N. High St.) on weekdays, serving up the same fare he was known for on campus. We asked where he likes to go when he’s not enjoying home-cooked Greek meals. 

Breakfast: Anna’s Greek Cuisine on Sawmill Road. “They have a great Sunday brunch buffet.”

Dessert: Rita’s Italian Ice. “This is my family’s favorite place to get both ice cream and Italian ice.”

Comfort Food: “I love City Barbeque, especially for their side dishes. They have great mac ’n’ cheese and potato salad.”

Brewery: Random Precision Brewing Co. “This is a local brewery with a good selection of beer. I serve food at this location on occasion.”

Carryout: “I love a good hard shell taco, but usually on the go, we go to Taco Bell.”