Little Ladies Soft Serve Offers Unique Twist on Summer Classic

Renee Casteel Cook
The Luella cone with a toasted marshmallow

The familiar chime of the ice cream truck stirs fond childhood memories, but old-school offerings like the Nutty Buddy leave room for improvement. Enter Little Ladies Soft Serve, which rolled into Central Ohio last summer and put a new twist on the nostalgic treat.

Owner Lydia Chambers and her husband, Will, were inspired to create Little Ladies, named for their daughters, after relocating to Columbus from Philadelphia four years ago. Looking for an opportunity that would allow her to balance work with being a mom to two young girls, Chambers was inspired by a suggestion from her sister and brother-in-law, who own an ice cream shop and truck in Northeast Ohio.

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Starting with high-end ice cream bases in vanilla, chocolate and a swirl of the two, Chambers created a menu focused on toppings that are “a combination of kitschy, store-bought ingredients like cereals combined with homemade ingredients like puppy chow [a Midwestern picnic food made up of cereal, melted chocolate, peanut butter and powdered sugar], crumbles and sauces.”

“It’s not high-brow, but I knew people would go crazy for it,” Chambers says.

Soft serve offerings, which range from $3 to $6, include an homage to their eldest daughter, Mabel—a dressed-up version of the classic cone coated in Little Ladies’ Sparkle Sprinkles, made special with edible gold dust. The Ida, named for their slightly wild and unpredictable second-born, is a colorful cone combining Fruity Pebbles, white chocolate crumble, marshmallow sauce and a strawberry cookie stick. Other revamped classic combinations include the crowd-favorite Aggie, with crushed puppy chow, mini buckeyes, hot fudge and peanut butter sauce, and Chambers’ personal go-to, the Luella, a s’mores-inspired cone featuring brown-butter graham cracker crumbles, a roasted marshmallow and Nutella. This summer’s lineup of special flavors includes raspberry lemon, key lime and peach cobbler.

Expanding its footprint this season (April through October), Little Ladies can be found around Downtown and in the surrounding suburbs during events like the Grandview Hop, Westerville Fourth Fridays, German Village Makers Market and Galena Summerfest in addition to private events.

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Little Ladies Soft Serve Food Truck