10 Best Restaurants of 2019

G.A. Benton and Erin Edwards
Roots in the Black from Veritas

The formula seems simple enough. To score a spot on our annual 10 Best list, a restaurant must excite us with its food, beverages, service and ambiance.

But other intangibles can complicate (or clarify) the equation. Does the dining experience make us think? Do the chefs leave us on the edge of our seats, wondering what will they do next? It’s a delectable calculus, weighing the best attributes of the city’s finest restaurants against each other. We hope you enjoy the product.

Here are our 10 Best Restaurants of 2019:

1. Veritas

2. Wolf’s Ridge Brewing

3. Watershed Kitchen & Bar

4. Service Bar

5. G. Michael’s Bistro & Bar

6. Comune

7. Refectory Restaurant & Wine Shop

8. Gallerie Bar & Bistro

9. The Guild House

10. Ambrose and Eve