After Hours With Tom Giusti

Jill Moorhead
Tom Giusti

Tom Giusti knows his way around the restaurant world, having spent more than a decade working in food and beverage establishments in Columbus. The Short North resident got his start bussing tables at bygone 55 Grille and has been bartending at the Short North Tavern for six years.

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Filipino: “Bonifacio does this thing on Thursdays where they put out banana leaves and take up the silverware and serve everything in [a] traditional style. The food is great, and it’s always fun to try something out of the ordinary.”

Special occasion: “The Top [Steak House] is one of the coolest spots in town. I love the atmosphere there, and they have a great staff that gives the classic steakhouse feel.”

Whiskey bar: “You can’t beat the selection at Wing’s [Restaurant] in Bexley. They have undoubtedly the best whiskey selection in the city.”

Dive bar: “It has to be Mike’s [Grill]. When you get done working super late, it can be fun to meet up with other people who work all night when they open at sunrise.”

Breakfast: Tommy’s Diner. “They have great food at a great price. The Pappas family does a great job running that place. It maintains a strong family feel."