After Hours with Rachael Beeman

Jill Moorhead
Rachael Beeman

Rachael Beeman has two requirements for what she eats. The food’s got to be tasty, and it shouldn’t be processed. The Clintonville-area resident has worked in the food industry for nine years, and her most recent gig is serving at The Woodbury, the new Downtown diner at 215 E. Town St. We asked her where she likes to eat. 

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Breakfast: Nancy’s Home Cooking. “I come back because of the people. And those biscuits.”

Special Occasion: Rodizio Grill. “My mom gets excited about the ham and pineapple. I always eat too much and make at least one inappropriate comment about knife skills.”

Dessert: Mozart’s in Clintonville. “I love my neighborhood. They have so many options that are always baked to perfection.”

Carryout: Helen’s Asian Kitchen. “There are options you don’t see on typical Chinese carryout menus. The salt and pepper prawns, fried leek box and sliced beef combo are must-try appetizers.”

Fine Dining: “I’m obsessed with Watershed Kitchen & Bar right now. It straddles that fine dining and casual line. I’ve had dreams about their carrots and the ribs entrée. You also can’t go wrong with any mixed drink on the menu.”

Dive Bar: O’Connor’s Club 20. “Never a cover and always a show.”