The Effortless Vibe of Coast Wine House

Beth Stallings
A Negroni, House Spritz and charcuterie board at Coast Wine House

If there was a kitchen island at Coast Wine House, every guest would linger around it. Why? Because this thoughtful bar with an eye on West Coast wine feels like a casual dinner party thrown by that one friend who makes entertaining look fun. 

Which makes sense, as the host of this bar and bottle shop is owner Dustin Snow, who is that friend. The Dublin native opened Coast in late November with a mission to make his shop feel like an extension of his home. 

Coast has an effortless, lived-in vibe. It doesn’t hurt that its bones are a century-old home in Historic Dublin or that Snow hired a residential interior designer to create a welcoming atmosphere as blue-hued as a Winslow Homer ocean. A mix of soft seating, tiered coffee tables and quaint tables feels more like breakfast nooks than four-tops.

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As for the philosophy behind the bar, that can be distilled into a single glass of chilled red. Amplify’s light-bodied blend, called Mixtape ($15/glass), is bright and juicy and delicious and perfect on a hot day. What’s significant is that this organically grown California red is on the menu at all. 

“Chillable reds are a great symbol of what we stand for,” Snow says. “We don’t try to geek out with the wine. We want to encourage people to explore and try new things. But you don’t need to have a certain level of understanding when you walk through the door.” 

This is how Coast stands apart. By keeping up with trends, but not bending to them. By offering interesting and often low-intervention (aka natural) wines from small producers that are neither funky nor cliché, but approachable. 

Just shy of a dozen by-the-glass offerings check all the boxes—a Chardonnay, a rosé or two and a Bordeaux-style blend, all nice. But the zingy and dry Albariño from Bodegas la Caña ($12/glass) is what pairs best with a warm afternoon on the charming brick patio or front porch. Bonus: As a high-acid wine, it pairs wonderfully with food.

The snackable menu is fresh, house-made and just enough to tide you over. The charcuterie board ($26) is a great shareable, if a touch pricey, with a rotating selection of two cheeses and two meats sourced locally. The pleasantly spicy pimento cheese ($12) is a great contrast to anything crisp. Look for the food menu to ebb and flow as Snow experiments with new offerings, including the occasional small wine dinner (though at press time they were on pause because of the pandemic).

Non-wine drinkers won’t go thirsty. There’s a tight, but mighty, list of local craft beers and classic cocktails, including a refreshing Negroni ($11) smartly made with citrusy Watershed Distillery gin. The House Spritz ($8) is a stunner—more fun than a turn on a trampoline, with levity from sparkling wine and a pleasant bounce of acid from a strawberry-watermelon shrub (the latter will change seasonally). 

Be sure to peruse the bottle shop in the center room, which has roughly 150 offerings, and ask what’s currently exciting the staff. If you don’t pick up a bottle on your way out, Coast also offers free deliveries throughout Columbus.

Coast Wine House

75 S. High St., Dublin

The charcuterie board at Coast Wine House