The Whimsy of Chef Tyler Minnis

Beth Stallings
Executive chef Tyler Minnis at The Market Italian Village

1022 Summit St., Italian Village



Chef Tyler Minnis owns well over 100 cookbooks. He’s got 50 or so in his fireplace, dozens more in milk crates in his closet. On his days off, he’ll browse the shelves at Half Price Books to add to his collection. “I get a lot of different emotions when I look at a cookbook,” Minnis says. Inspired, yes, but also a sort of tongue-in-cheek annoyance. “Why didn’t I know that technique or dish? I should already know that.”


If Tyler Minnis is dining at his own pop-up, Dairy Dose, here’s what’s on the table: The Dairy Dose Dog with pepperoni Bolognese, the Double Dose Burger with curry ketchup and balsamic caramelized onions, and the waffle fries with Whiz, honey and truffle. “I really like the burger. It’s just super messy and really delicious, too. I’ve always been a sucker for curry ketchup. We make our sauce out of Délice [cheese] from our regular menu.”

Dairy Dose at The Market Italian Village