13 International Packaged Snacks You Can Find Along Bethel Road

Celebrating the glorious food group: snacks

Thao Thai
International snacks to find on Bethel Road

Along Bethel Road are international markets galore, boasting fresh produce, imported delicacies and snacks—oh, the snacks. Is there any more vibrant, delicious glory than a well-stocked snack aisle? Potato chips in unique flavors, individually wrapped gummies that gleam like jewels and chocolate biscuits made for my morning coffee ritual, among others. It’s a snack wonderland out there, and I’ve done the legwork to find the best of the bunch for you.

Han Ma Oom Korean Market

764 Bethel Road

Haitai Honey Butter Chips: The verdict is in: These Korean potato chips are the ultimate snack star of my haul, and a sleeper hit to boot. While stuck in traffic on the way home from Han Ma Oom market, I reached over to sample a chip. For research. One chip became half the bag in a matter of minutes. Each is thin and shatteringly crisp, laced with the sweetness of honey and undercut by the richness of butter. More sweet than salty, they are similar to kettle corn. They have a very slight coconut-y flavor. Far from the oil-laden chips I’ve encountered in the past, these pale beauties are delicate and light—nearly gourmet.

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United Coffee Candy: These hard candies offer a deep, sweet coffee flavor that satisfies that craving for an afternoon cup of java, without any actual caffeine.

Bibigo Seaweed Crisps: I love the lightness of these baked, chiplike snacks. The seaweed imparts a wonderful umami flavor, while the layer of brown rice underneath each piece of seaweed adds satisfying crunch.

Nongshim Honey Twist Snacks: My husband has been an avid fan of these Korean crinkle-cut chips for years, to the point that my family in Georgia stockpiles bags of them for when he visits. A thick honey glaze coats each little twist, making for an extremely satisfying, crunchy snack.

Gourmet Fine Foods by Istanbul Market

5227 Bethel Center Mall

Knoppers Milk Wafer Bar: My husband, 5-year-old and I fought tooth-and-nail for the biggest piece of this crisp delight. (My daughter won, and I’m still a little bitter about it.) If you like Nutella, you will love the chocolate-hazelnut notes here. The wafer’s texture is airy, and it’s the right size for a small afternoon pick-me-up. Note to self: Buy multiples next time to preserve domestic bliss.

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Saray LoveIt Raspberry Sandwich Cookies: If you are into all things Instagrammable, these Turkish cookies are beautiful and tasty find. Each small cookie has a layer of cream filling (other flavors include lime or chocolate), and they are just lightly sweet for those who like a milder sugar fix. (not pictured)

Al Rifai Cocktail Mix: We are big fans of this combination of nuts, peanuts, crackers and sesame crisps, all seasoned for a salty yet balanced handful. Goes great with a beer or, as advertised, a cocktail.

Arirang Asian Food Market

1526 Bethel Road

Shibuya Sweet Potato Chips: The deep purple color of these Japanese chips gives me a ton of joy, but the taste is just as exciting—a departure from a traditional salty snack. The potato flavor comes out underneath a sweet coating that enhances the dense, starchy texture.

Kasugai Gummy Candy: Kasugai gummies are a hallmark of my childhood, with its wide range of flavors and cute shapes. The tradition has continued with my daughter, who has nothing but heart-eyes for this strawberry version, which tastes far superior than other gummy candies.

Wand Lollipop: There’s something incredibly fun about a lollipop with a long, bendy stick. We ate our lollipops during a walk home from school, and the fruity sweetness, combined with the wandlike fun, made for a memorable little treat.

La Michoacana

5445 Bethel Sawmill Center

Marilu Chocolate Biscuits: Teatime gets a big level-up with these Venezuelan chocolate biscuits. Thin, lightly sweet cookies sandwich a layer of chocolate cream. Each bite satisfies that craving for something sugary and crumbly. They’re also individually packaged, which makes them perfect for sneaking into a purse or lunchbox.

Botana Co. Salt & Lime Aritos: These light wheat rings are airy and full of lime flavor, giving you that combination of crunch and salt all in one bite. These would be great to have while lounging outside with a cold drink in hand.

Chile y Limón Squares: When you bite into one of these chicharrón, you get an immediate rush of that classic chili-lime flavor on your tongue. Light, crispy and perfectly balanced.

This story is from the May 2022 issue of Columbus Monthly.