Six Bethel Road Sweets and Desserts to Try

From Golden Delight’s famous cake to a classic crème brûlée

Bethia Woolf
Strawberry cake from Golden Delight Bakery

Strawberry cake isn’t novel, but when it’s done well, this simple confection can be extraordinary. A Bethel Road staple has been proving this point since 1994, satisfying legions of loyal customers with the bakery’s ethereal “Asian soft crust” layer cake filled with the lightest of icings, featuring non-dairy whipped cream, and plenty of fresh strawberries. Where to find it: Golden Delight Bakery, 1516 Bethel Road

Bingsu is a colorful Korean dessert composed of shaved ice and ice cream, with toppings that can include condensed milk, strawberries, kiwi, mandarin orange slices, boba and red bean paste. It’s a perfect warm-weather treat that offers a lovely combination of textures and flavors. Where to find it: Tea Zone Bakery & Café, 5025 Olentangy River Road

Cocoa towel roll may not be the most compelling name for a dessert, but this chocolatey, creamy crêpe confection utterly satisfies with its impossibly light texture and a well-calibrated sweetness balanced by a slight tinge of bitterness from a dusting of cocoa powder. Where to find it: Wali Dessert, 1440 Bethel Road

Crème brûlée has many origin stories, and renowned French chef Paul Bocuse’s rendition is considered among the best. His onetime pastry chef Richard Blondin proudly carries on the Bocuse tradition, crafting a decadently rich and silky custard topped by a wafer-thin sheet of caramelized sugar. Where to find it: The Refectory Restaurant & Wine Shop, 1092 Bethel Road

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Turkish delight can be found in a dizzying array of flavors, and perhaps none are more pleasingly curated than the selection at this new Hayden Road Turkish establishment. Tulip Café’s pomegranate and rosewater rendition is a favorite, with a generous helping of pistachio and a striking rose petal-encrusted exterior. Where to find it: Tulip Café, 2926 Hayden Run Plaza

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Mangonadas are synonymous with summer for many Mexicans—a sweet-and-spicy tropical treat to help beat the heat. Mango sorbet forms its foundation, to which sliced mango, Tajín (chili-lime salt) and chamoy (a sweet, salty, spicy sauce) are added. The final touch: a tamarind-and-chile-coated straw. Where to find it: Diamonds Ice Cream, 5461 Bethel Sawmill Center

This story is from the May 2022 issue of Columbus Monthly.