Seek Out Pachucos Taqueria for Great Machetes and Don’t Miss the Waffle Doughnut at Icarus

Explore these notable restaurant offerings from a Mexican food truck and Icarus Sandwich Shop.

Erin Edwards
Columbus Monthly
A machete from Pachucos Taqueria on Lockbourne Road

The first reaction upon seeing a machete is likely laughter; the second is salivation. At Pachucos Taqueria, you’ll find a quesadilla so laughably large—15 inches long—it’s a wonder it fits on the flattop inside this food truck parked at 2095 Lockbourne Road. Believed to have originated in Mexico City, the machete is a long, oval, masa tortilla topped with cheese, onions and proteins like steak, pork chorizo, chicken or beef tongue, then folded over and cooked crisp. Pachucos has a trio of covered picnic benches for enjoying your machete. Danny Trejo would approve.

Icarus Sandwich Shop (15 E. Second Ave.) added a two-item breakfast recently (plus coffee and OJ), and while the breakfast sandwich at Icarus is serviceable (frankly, I’d stick to the egg sandwich at sister café Fox in the Snow), it’s the waffle doughnut—a crispy and sweetly glazed one-handed wonder—that causes my car to inadvertently drive toward this small Short North café. 

This story is from the August 2022 issue of Columbus Monthly.

Editor's note: The print version of this story also featured Mersh’s Breakfast Café, but the owners shuttered the food truck at the end of July.