Seven Spicy, Ohio-Made Condiments You Need in Your Rotation

These delicious, Ohio-made condiments—from Mister Mustard to CinSoy's Chili Crisp—will tempt and test your palate.

J.R. McMillan
A variety of spicy, Ohio-made condiments

In our May issue of Columbus Monthly, we wrote about Sabo Sauce—the side-hustle from Columbus chef Silas Caeton of the Lox Bagel Shop. Here are seven more, delicious Ohio-made sauces to tempt and test your palate—all with their own unique heat.

Chili Crisp from CinSoy

Cincinnati chef Sam Pellerito is all-in when it comes to authentic Asian flavors. His creations are small-batch and sublime, yet the combination of Sichuan peppercorns and cured garlic in his chili crisp is spice-forward. Add to a stir-fry or drizzle a little on fried pork chops for an extra umami kick.

Black Cap Hot Sauce from Ruffled Feather Ferments

Chef Jack Moore is also shaking up the local hot sauce scene. Fermented and unfiltered, the probiotic-first offering from his latest endeavor is only found in the cold case. Add a generous splash to your bloody mary for a hangover helper that will clear your head and your sinuses.

Sandwich Pal Smoky Horseradish Sauce from Woeber’s

The raw root vegetable can be overwhelming. But the mix of mayo and mesquite makes this more recent offering from the fourth generation of the Woeber family an underground success. Squeeze a little into your mashed potatoes or add some heat to your deviled eggs.

Mister Mustard and Mrs. Mustard from Woeber’s

Carl Woeber started his Springfield business with a horse and buggy. More than a century later, this spicy couple still stands out. Forget about boiling that brisket. Cover your corned beef in hot or sweet mustard and brown sugar, wrap it in foil, then bake until it’s fork-tender.

Ghost Pepper Ketchup from Cleveland Ketchup Co.

Husband and wife duo Matt and Lisa McMonagle are new to the condiment scene but hit the ground running five years ago with four varieties of the sweet and savory standard. Dollop some of their hot ketchup on a Cuban frita, the humble hamburger’s Caribbean cousin.

Fiery Chipotle Bourbon Sauce from Double Comfort

There’s almost too much going on in this sauce to fit into its distinctive, flask-shaped bottle. But one nip and you’ll suspend your skepticism. Those who remember Mary Lyski’s restaurant, Double Comfort, are familiar with the Memphis influence. Give your chicken drummies a toss for a taste you’ll not soon forget.