Cooking with Kids: Candy Science

Melissa Kossler Dutton


The Acid Test

  1. Grown-up: Fill a container with a half cup of warm water.
  2. Kid: Add several Pixy Stix or Lemon Heads.
  3. Kid: Stir the mixture to help the candy dissolve.
  4. Grown-up: Fill a spoon with baking soda.
  5. Kid: Dump the baking soda into the candy mixture.
  6. Kid: Watch for bubbles, which signal the presence of acid.

The Oil Test

  1. Kid: Unwrap one or two Starburst.
  2. Kid: Place the candy on a microwave-safe plate.
  3. Grown-up: Put the plate in the microwave and heat it for about a minute. The candy should melt but not burn.
  4. Grown-up: Remove the plate from the microwave.
  5. Kid: Look for signs that the candy has oil.