Autumn Woven Placemats

Olivera Bratich

Woven placemats brighten up any autumn dinner table and are a great way to get younger kids involved in setting up for Thanksgiving dinner. This simple family project also teaches kids about pattern and design and results in a functional craft.

*Brown, yellow and orange construction paper



*Glue stick or glue dots

1. A solid brown piece of paper will form the base of the place mat. Fold the paper in half.

2. Use ruler to make a mark at every inch along the creased edge.

3. Use scissors to cut a straight line starting at each mark and ending one inch before the other edge of the paper.

4. Open up your placemat base.

5. Cut the orange and yellow papers into one-inch strips.

6. Take an orange piece and weave it over and under the cut strips on your placemat base. Depending on the age of children involved, it may work best for an adult to demonstrate this strip weaving first.

7. Use a glue stick or glue dot to adhere the top and bottom edge of each strip.

8. Repeat with strips going across the entire placemat base.

9. When you are finished the placemats are ready to use as is or you can have them laminated at a copy center for use over multiple years.

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