January Issue

Staff Writer
Columbus Parent

The January issue of Columbus Parent hits the streets today! And we thought the start of the new year would be a great time to review some of the ways we communicate with you (especially since our fab new website has made it much easier to keep in touch!).

So we've got our free print issue every month, which you can click here http://www.columbusparent.com/content/topic/site/locations.htmlto find the pick-up location nearest you.Generally speaking, our publication date is going to be the first Monday of the month. When a new issue comes out (as it does today), it generally takes until the end of this first day for the issue's contents to get uploaded to our website. You'll know it's there when our profile picture on Facebook changes to show the new issue's cover!

Every weekday on our website http://www.columbusparent.com/content/blogs/the-daily-bulletin/index.html, our Facebook page www.facebook.com/ColumbusParentMagazine and our Twitter feed https://twitter.com/columbusparent, we publish a Daily Bulletin. The topics can range from events you might want to get tickets for NOW or contests where we're giving away something. It really is worth checking in every day!

Then, every Thursday, we send out our weekly Bulletin, an e-newsletter from our editor Jane Hawes. It points you in the direction of even more family fun every weekend. Click here https://www.columbusparent.com/content/system/modules/com.dispatch.registration/pages/login.jsp?sendback=%2Fsystem%2Fmodules%2Fcom.dispatch.exacttarget%2Fpages%2Fnewsletters.jsp to sign up to receive the Bulletin!

Got all that?