The Old Mohawk

Melissa Kossler Dutton

The Old Mohawk isn't a place you would automatically think of bringing kids, but it is a good option for families.

The Old Mohawk isn't a place you would automatically think of bringing kids, but it is a good option for families.

The food, which includes a lot of pub grub, is tasty and reasonably priced. The neighborhood tavern is loud enough that chatty children won't be a distraction but not so noisy that a family can't carry on a conversation. And the wait staff is always friendly and welcoming.

Located in quaint German Village, The Old Mohawk has a long history. The restaurant, which has had several names over the years, opened as a tavern in 1933 at the end of Prohibition. It has operated under the current ownership and name since 1977.

I ordered the Bratwurst sandwich ($8.99), which features meat from Ohio's bratwurst capital, Bucyrus. The flavorful meat was topped with sauerkraut, cheese and caramelized onions. It was a delicious change from my usual order of a turkey Rueben (I can't get enough of sandwiches dressed with sauerkraut).

I planned to order a side of potato pancakes to share with the kids until I realized they came with the sandwich. We found ourselves fighting over who got the last one.

The food came quickly and we enjoyed all of it. Our waitress was patient and helpful as the kids and I deliberated over the large menu, which features a number of kid-friendly options like quesadillas, hamburgers and grilled cheese.

When I went to check out the women's bathroom, I walked in on a woman changing an infant on the counter next to the sink. There is no changing station. Otherwise, the bathroom was clean and functional.

We were a little disappointed to learn the restaurant does not make its desserts on site, which meant our waitress couldn't tell us if they were safe for people with food allergies. Nick is allergic to peanuts. I am allergic to tree nuts. We decided to bring a piece of pumpkin roll ($5.49) home for Dad and Alex to sample for us: They loved it.

Overall, The Old Mohawk is a solid choice for families looking for good food in a unique setting.

-Melissa Kossler Dutton

When I heard we were going to The Old Mohawk for lunch, I was excited because I had been there many times and the food is really good.

I really like the soups. I ordered the tomato basil soup ($3.59) because it seemed like a lunch soup. I like to get the chili (3.59) or the turtle soup ($4.99) at dinner because they're more filling. The tomato basil soup is really creamy and smooth. After I spooned up as much as I could, I picked up the cup and drank the rest. I set the empty cup down and told my mom, "It's a good thing you tasted this when you did."

My brother and I split a half order of the baked macaroni and cheese ($4.99). It was the first time I had tried that. It was pretty good. I wouldn't say it was the best macaroni and cheese I've ever had. I liked how it had really thick cheese. It wasn't thin or soupy. Most places don't put that much cheese on it and you only taste the noodles.

My mom's dish came with potato pancakes. They were awesome.

The waitress was really friendly. She didn't mind that my brother and I were sharing a dish. She brought us both a plate for the macaroni. She also chatted with us a little bit. I could tell she was busy because the restaurant was crowded. We went on a Saturday and it was busier than when we go during the week.

The bathroom did not have a changing station but it was pretty nice other that. It was small but clean.

-Nick Dutton