Raindrop Suncatcher

Olivera Bratich

This simple project gets the whole family involved in creating a decoration for your home's windows. Turn around a rainy day with these raindrop suncatchers that will illuminate the sun's rays and remind you of the rainbows that follow the rain.


*Wax paper

*Tissue paper

*Modge Podge (or similar) glue

*Glitter (optional)

*Construction paper


*Paint- or sponge-brush




1. Cut or tear tissue paper into small pieces (1-2 inches in length and width). Use several colors of tissue paper for a stained-glass effect.

2. Lay out the tissue paper pieces on top of a piece of wax paper, wax side up, overlapping the pieces to create a collage.

3. Using a paint- or sponge-brush, spread a thin layer of glue over tissue paper to attach the pieces to the wax paper and to each other. Mix a little glitter into your glue for extra sparkle. Prepare for sticky hands during this step!

4. Let dry for a few minutes.

5. This step is for adults or older children: Lay a second piece of wax paper over your collage, wax side down. Seal the papers and collage together by running a warm iron over top.

6. Cut out a larger raindrop shape from your construction paper. Once you have the raindrop shape cut out, trace it onto another sheet of construction paper, so you have two copies of the same raindrop.

7. Place the raindrop shape over your wax paper collage and trace the outline of the raindrop with a pencil. Cut out.

8. Cut out openings in your raindrop shape where your collage will show through. The construction paper will be the frame for your "stained-glass" raindrop.

9. Glue the wax paper collage in between the two construction-paper shapes. Let dry.

10. Hang on your windows using invisible tape, or punch a hole in the top and attach onto a suction cup hook. Based on the shapes you create, you can use this project year round to fit the theme of parties, holidays and changing seasons!


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