Stamped Placemat

Staff Writer
Columbus Parent

Create a seasonal placemat for each member of the family this Thanksgiving! This easy stamping project is great for kids of all ages. Even the youngest members of the family can participate in creating this memory.


  • 2-4 wine corks
  • red, orange, yellow and brown acrylic paint
  • fabric placemats (thrift stores have lots of these if you don't have any ready to discard)
  • paintbrush and paint tray
  • chalkboard cloth or paper (available at craft supply stores like Jo-Ann's or Michaels)
  • fabric glue or hot glue


1. Before you begin, iron or steam out any wrinkles from the placemats.

2. Pour a little bit of each paint onto the paint tray.

3. Use the paintbrush to paint a tree trunk in the middle of the placemat, from the bottom to about 1/3 of the height of the placemat.

4. Use the ends of the wine corks as stamps to dip into the paint colors and create multi-color tree leaves. Repeat stamping leaves until tree is full.

5. Cut a shape out of your chalkboard cloth or paper and glue to the placemat. Use fabric glue for chalkboard cloth and hot glue for chalkboard paper. Write the family member's name on the chalkboard shape.

Note: These placemats are not washable unless you choose to use fabric paints instead of acrylics and pair them with chalk cloth. You can also use these as wall hangings or home décor for the autumn months!


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