Daft Burger

Staff Writer
Columbus Parent

There is no fear entering this restaurant with kids. The atmosphere, somewhere between a Wendy's and a Flipside, provides an open space, easy-to-read menu and friendly service. I quickly assessed that everything would be fine if we spilled an entire drink on the floor, which unfortunately is a common occurrence at restaurants with my family. The quality of food left a little to be desired for this mom with only burgers, fries or onion rings and soda on the menu, but novelty, affordable prices (ranging from $3.69-$7.49) and friendly service make it a very comfortable choice for families.

The Daft Burger concept focuses on crazy burger toppings, hence the name. Even though Adam's favorite ended up being the regular Daft Burger without anything fancy on it, we laughed together at the possibilities and unique flavors available. The Elvis burger topped with plantains and peanut-butter sauce, the Pinyaki burger with a pineapple ring and teriyaki mayonnaise, and the Jalapeño burger with cream cheese certainly expanded our minds to what's possible. We ordered one of each.

The unique burger toppings take over the flavor of the beef and proved to be very messy. Luckily they have napkin dispensers on every table and easy-to-access, clean bathrooms to wash off. The three sides offered (fries, spicy fries and onion rings) seemed of the frozen variety popped in the deep fryer. Good enough to get the job done for kids, but left me wanting a fresher experience.

Although we found the flavors interesting and fun to try, we only wanted a couple bites of each of those burgers. Together we discovered sharing was the way to enjoy this restaurant. If we went back we would treat this more like a field-trip activity than a meal - which is a novel way to eat out with kids.

-Tricia Keels

I was excited to go to this restaurant because it sounded fun to try a new burger place, but my mom and I didn't know anything about it. It was kind of dark, but I liked it because they had long picnic tables and crazy foods. I thought the menu was crazy, too, which made sense because we asked and "daft" means crazy.

My favorite crazy burger was the Pinyaki burger that had the pineapple on it. The Jalapeño burger with cream cheese was too spicy for kids. After trying all the burgers we ordered, in the end I ate the entire Daft Burger, which was just regular with pickles, lettuce and tomato. No cheese, because I don't like cheese on my burgers.

The buns were soft and it was hard to keep the burger toppings inside so it was messy. Halfway through, I went to the bathroom to wash my hands. Also, the actual patty was too small for all the toppings. That's why I liked the regular burger, because I could taste the patty.

The fries were good when they were hot, but as they cooled down they didn't taste as good. They only had soda to choose from to drink. I think a good idea would be for them to add crazy milkshakes to the menu to go with the burgers.

-Adam Keels