Sock Snowman

Olivera Bratich

Is it cold but snowless outside? Spend a wintery afternoon making these little snowman friends in the warm indoors! You can find most of the materials at home, and it's a great use for all those stray socks that have lost their mate.

  • White sock
  • Rubber bands
  • Pillow stuffing (you can use a bunch of old fabric scraps in a pinch!)
  • Black buttons
  • 1/4 cup dried beans or rice
  • Felt or fleece scraps
  • Tacky glue

1. Hold sock right side up and pour beans into the toe of the sock. These will stabilize the snowman so he can stand upright.

2. Add stuffing to the rest of the sock and shape it so that it stands upright.

3. Use a rubber band to tie off the top of the sock and cut off any excess at the top.

4. Slide a second rubber band down about 1/3 of the way from the top of the sock and tie shut to create a head shape. Cut a strip of felt or fleece and glue around the snowman's neck. The "scarf" will cover the sight of the neck rubber band.

5. Use other felt and fleece scraps to create a hat on the snowman. The hat will cover up the rubber band on the top of the sock.

6. Glue buttons on the front and use felt scraps to add a face to the snowman. Enjoy your new non-melting friend!

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