DIY Travel Journal

Olivera Bratich
DIY Travel Journal.

Help your children document their family adventures with a DIY Travel Journal! They can write down memories of the trip, draw pictures, or save ticket stubs and photos inside. It's easy to make and a personal treasure that can be saved for years. The fun starts before you even leave the house!

  • 2 sheets of cardstock
  • 5-10 sheets of blank copy paper
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Butter knife
  • Hole-punch
  • Old maps or road atlases
  • Glue stick
  • String or twine

Fold the stack of blank copy paper in half from top to bottom. (Older kids can fold multiple sheets at once and younger ones may have to go one sheet at a time). Turn the sheets so they form a booklet with the spine on the left side. If you've separated the pages to make folding easier, make sure to restack them together.

The cardstock sheet will be your cover. To make a clean crease, we'll employ a butter knife and ruler. (Professional book binders use a tool called a "bone folder" to achieve the same result.) Place the ruler in the middle of the cardstock along where you want the fold to be.

Run the back side of the butter knife along the ruler to create an indentation in the cardstock. The indentation is your "valley" and the bump created on the other side is your "mountain." Fold the cardstock so the "valley" is on the outside.

Put the cardstock around the pages like a cover. Cut the booklet in half to make two rectangle-shaped booklets.

Open the booklet to the center and use a hole-puncher to make holes about one inch from the top and bottom along the spine. If you punch pages separately, use the holes from the first page you punched as a guide to make sure they all line up!

Cut about a foot of string or twine and pull into the center of the booklet through the top hole. Pull out the bottom hole, close the booklet and tie tightly on the outside spine.

Decorate the cover of your journal with cutouts and letters made from old maps. Use a glue stick to adhere your cutouts to the cover and feel free to decorate inside pages with your maps as well!

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