The Kitchen

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Columbus Parent
Element-inspired tacos during Taco Tuesday at The Kitchen, 231 E. Livingston Ave., in Columbus. On the left is a fire-inspired taco with flank steak, peppers and a jalapeno salsa. On the right is an earth-inspired taco with ground beef, dandelion greens, kale and diced tomato.

We loaded up the three kids to check out The Kitchen's Taco Tuesday, which runs from 5-9 p.m. Although this restaurant is mainly geared to large adult dinner parties, Taco Tuesday is open to the public. The menu changes each week based on a different theme and tonight's was Mexican-inspired. The Kitchen does not have a parking lot or valet so you need to park on the street.

The space is open and inviting and looked sturdy with its strong wood communal tables, a must with our active 4-year-old. The clientele was as communal as the space, as we held conversations with three different sets of people over the course of our dinner. The line to order moved slowly but, once we ordered, our food came very quickly.

I love menus like the one presented at The Kitchen. With only seven main items to choose from, most at $3 a taco, the family was able to order some of each and share family-style.

The kids gravitated to what looked familiar but did try the others, such as the Mole Chicken, the Shrimp Taco, and the Chorizo and Charred Pineapple Salsa Taco. Each taco was well thought out and had something special, such as the Vegan Taco's lime green beans for brightness or the Chili Relleno Taco's crushed pork rinds for texture.

These surprising flavors made the experience enjoyable for the adults, too. My husband and I shared the refreshing Cucumber Margarita that was perfect for a Tuesday night cocktail. The '80s alternative music playing softly in the background felt just as intentional as the cuisine.

The Kitchen's offering of fresh, interesting food at a good price, its easy way to present familiar and new cuisine to the kids, and an open space for the active child will definitely draw us back soon.

-Tricia Keels

When my mom told me we were going out to dinner, I was excited because I like tacos. I liked the space immediately but wished it had more color. Then I realized black goes good with black. The menu was short, so we ordered some of everything and a Shirley Temple.

I liked the part where I got to take our order from the ordering line over to the cooks in the kitchen. One thing I really liked was that the kitchen where they made the food was right out in the open.

When they delivered all our tacos, some of them looked crazy and some of them looked normal. The Phinn looked normal and so did the Quesadilla. The Quesadilla tasted really good, plus five more reallys. The apple salsa they served with it was good but that just gets one "really." The Phinn was a regular taco with beef and cheese. I also tried the chorizo and pineapple taco. It was sweet and spicy. I looked at the others but didn't feel like trying them. I was too full. This restaurant looked different than other restaurants so I wasn't sure if I got free refills. I went up and asked and the nice bartender gave me one.

The restrooms looked really cool; the sink was like a miniature waterfall. The walls and ceiling were dark blue and the floor was white tile. They were really clean. The kitchen had a lot of cool décor like a tiled coffee table and some flowers. I would like to go to The Kitchen again. It was really fun and next time I go, I'll go on a Tuesday!

-Adam Keels