Melt Bar and Grilled

Staff Writer
Columbus Parent
Melt Bar and Grilled, 840 N. High St. Columbus, Ohio 43215.

We were eager to try Melt because it seems family-friendly and it's grilled cheese. Grilled cheese is a crowd-pleaser! Because we are terrible planners, we ended up going on a Saturday afternoon between lunch and dinner. The wait was around 30 minutes, which I felt was reasonable on a Saturday afternoon. This place is in the Short North. I think if it was in the Polaris area, the wait would've been much longer.

Instead of taking your name at a hostess station, you pull a nametag from a plastic Halloween pumpkin. Our nametag said "Aslan" and the kids thought that was cool. It was a nice quirk thrown in. We looked at a brochure-size menu of an insane amount of choices while we waited, which made the 30 minutes go quickly. The actual menu at the table was ridiculous with choices, but the server was great about telling us how it works.

I ordered the Big Popper, which is jalapeno peppers, cheddar and cream cheese on bread, then they batter and deep-fry the whole thing. (I KNOW!) I didn't carefully read the menu so this last part was a surprise. It tasted good, but it was a lot to take. I mean, butter is delicious, but you don't just bite into a stick of it. It was a similar feeling. I had about four bites and was stuffed. The leftovers held up well, which is always a plus. Melt also serves Gosling's ginger beer, my favorite. The kids ordered more wisely and thus enjoyed their meals way more.

The restrooms were clean and had a changing station for babies. The whole restaurant was clean, bright and friendly. For the four of us, it was around $50 with the tip and appetizer. I'm not sure if I would make this a regular on our restaurant rotation, mostly because the food is all cheese and deep-fried. We aren't health-food nuts either. We later joked that the water was deep-fried.

-Amy Dalrymple Murphy

I was excited to go to Melt. I've never been there and wanted to try it. There was a big mural and it was cool, and I loved the way the restaurant looked. I ordered the Kindergartner, which is grilled cheese with tomato soup. I loved how cheesy the grilled cheese was and that the tomato soup was in a coffee mug. Plus, it tasted good.

The service was good. They showed us the special and pointed out things on the menu and I liked that.

I would go back any time.

-Ellison Murphy

Going to Melt was quite an experience. I feel kind of bad to say this, but I honestly did not expect good quality food or service because it is a grilled-cheese place. But the people and the food there definitely proved me wrong, and I'm pretty glad they did.

It looks very unique. When you first walk in, you'll see a big mural with a bunch of characters from all things; I even found Calvin and Hobbes in there. Then, in the eating area there's a big mish-mash of things. It's definitely kid-friendly.

I ordered the chicken fingers and a cup of roasted garlic tomato soup with a side of french fries. Also, I had lemonade. I really liked it. The soup I think was my favorite. It was amazing.

The service was great. The lady who waited on us was very nice and polite, as was the rest of the staff we encountered. They weren't fooling around or goofing off and things like that.

The bathrooms definitely exceeded my expectations. It was very clean and everything was fully functional. There was in fact a diaper changing station in the bathroom.

I would probably go back.

-Indie Murphy