Yarn-Wrapped Flower Pot

Staff Writer
Columbus Parent

Potted flowers and plants make great gifts, but plain terra cotta pots can be a little boring. This project uses the yarn scraps from winter knitting or crochet projects to dress up a spring flower pot.

In a few simple steps, you'll turn that plain pot into a colorful piece of artwork. You can use any size pot for this project, but be warned that larger pots will require a little patience or a number of little hands taking turns.

  • Clear decoupage glue (Mod Podge or similar)
  • Sponge Brush
  • Yarn scraps
  • Flower Pot

1. Use a sponge brush to spread glue all over the pot underneath the rim.

2. Choose a color of yarn. Lay about a half-inch down vertically, then turn the yarn and start wrapping around the pot horizontally. You'll wrap over top the half-inch strand, hiding this loose end.

3. Hold on to the yarn as you wrap around the first few rows. It should be snug against the pot, but not pulled tight.

4. Switch colors as often as you want. Repeat step 2 for each color to hide the loose ends of the yarn and always make the color switch on the same side of the pot. This will be the "back" of the pot.

5. Let dry overnight and plant a flower or seed the very next day!

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