Belle's Bread Japanese Bakery & Café

Staff Writer
Columbus Parent

I wasn't really sure about Belle's Bread as I have never been to a Japanese French bakery. It's in a strip mall area in Upper Arlington so I didn't know what to expect. We got there at lunch and sat outside, which was nice. The atmosphere is casual and perfect for a fun lunch or early dinner (they close at 7).

The dessert case at the front is presented so beautifully, that I thought it would all cost a fortune. But it's counter service! I got the Teriyaki Chicken on a sandwich ($6.95). We didn't have to wait long to be called to the counter for our meals.

The desserts though! You really need to go and see the desserts, and then eat as many as possible. The bread bakery area was packed with heaps of croissants, brioche, filled croissants and every single kind of bread-based thing you could think of. Indie and I split a cream puff and Ellie had cheesecake. They were so good that after we ate we shopped the bakery area. Seriously, stop reading this for a second and go to their website just to see the different kinds of bread available!

We brought home a bag of 7 brioche that was only $3.50 and perfect! We also got an Uguisu An Pan ($1.75), which is bread with a sweetened bean filling. It sounded way out of our comfort zone, so I had to get it! It was amazing.

Our three meals totaled $28 because I let them get full-sized sodas, which I am normally a party-pooper about. When talking to the kids afterwards, we all thought it was a slightly surreal experience (spaghetti and tempura shrimp at one place!). But ultimately it was tons of fun and I can't wait to go back because I can't quit thinking about that brioche!

-Amy Dalrymple Murphy

When, I first heard of Belle's Bread and the theme I thought it was an interesting mix. It definitely was very interesting, in a good way. The decorations were very beautiful and there was this mural on the wall of a farm in the hills. When we got there, I ordered a spaghetti plate ($6.95) which had a meat sauce, peppers, green onions and mushrooms. I'm not very much of mushroom person but they were actually pretty good. The sauce was really good, especially with the green onions and peppers. The staff were very nice and they looked happy to be there.

After we ate our food, we went and got some desserts. I was already pretty full so I split a cream puff with my mom, which was really good. Also, we brought home some other sweets like a chocolate croissant which was very tasty. I thought the restaurant was in a very nice location which made sitting outside just as nice as sitting inside.

-Indie Murphy

When I heard we were going to a Japanese French bakery, I was expecting a lot of fish and that they wouldn't have anything that a kid would like. It was small inside but had a lot of tables. It smelled good. I liked the inside because it was girly.

I ordered the Kid's Plate ($5.95) with a tropical lemonade drink called C.C. Lemon. I liked it because the food was good and I don't usually like many things. There was a lot of variety on my plate. They topped the rice with an American flag. There was also shrimp, a little hamburger patty with sauce, and a fish nugget. The picture looked like a tiny amount of food but it was a lot of food on my plate.

The desserts were really good. It's not my style of food but I would go back for the shrimp. I liked that a lot.

-Ellie Murphy