Fabric tree

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Fabric tree.

This fabric tree is simple to make and uses up fabric scraps leftover from other craft projects. It's a beautiful piece of autumn décor and can be personalized for Thanksgiving.

If you want to customize it for your family, write the name of each extended family member on or above each leaf. Your family-crafted family tree can hang near the table at Thanksgiving to remind everyone of someone to be thankful for this season.

  • Fabric scraps
  • One piece of cardstock
  • Photo frame with glass
  • Scissors
  • Decoupage glue
  • Brown fabric or felt

1. Cut a piece of solid-colored fabric to fit the size of your frame. This will be the background of your fabric tree.

2. Cut out a tree trunk from your brown fabric or felt. Glue to the glass on the outside of the frame.

3. Draw a simple leaf template on your white cardstock and cut out.

4. Trace the template onto fabric scraps and cut out 12-24 leaves (depending on the size of your frame and leaves.) As you cut out each leaf, place it on the glass. You'll know when to stop based on how much room you have left on the canvas.

5. When you have cut out enough leaves, glue the trunk and leaves to the glass using decoupage glue. If any of the leaves are extra wrinkly, have an adult give them a quick ironing. The glue will adhere much better to a flat fabric surface!

6. Let dry and hang when finished.

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