Recycled Rainbow Mobile

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Recycled Rainbow Mobile.

April may bring rain showers but that also means it is the season for rainbows! Dig out some materials from the recycling bin to create this fun rainbow mobile.

  • Lightweight cardboard (such as cereal boxes)
  • Paint
  • Paper plate
  • Glue
  • Yarn or string
  • Pom-poms or cotton balls

1. Cut a paper plate in half. Set aside one half to use as a paint tray later in the project.

2. If there is a raised border to the plate, cut off the border. On the remaining half-circle, use a pencil to draw curved lines, dividing the shape into thirds. This will be your rainbow template.

3. Trace each piece of the template two times onto a cereal box or similar cardboard. Cut out the pieces.

4. Paint the blank side of the cardboard pieces rainbow colors, two colors per piece. The largest pieces will each be painted with a red and orange stripe. The middle-sized pieces should each be painted with a yellow and green stripe, and the smallest pieces should each be painted with a blue and purple stripe. Let dry completely.

5. Cut a piece of yarn or string about 24 inches long. Make a loop at the top to hang the mobile. Lay out your rainbow pieces unpainted side up, leaving at least 2 inches between each piece. Lay the string vertically running down the middle.

6. Glue the unpainted side of each piece together, making sure to glue the string in between the pieces.

7. Glue two to three pom-poms or cotton balls to the string under the rainbow. Cut off any excess string at the bottom.

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