Kolache Republic

Melissa Kossler Dutton
Kolache Republic, 730 S. High St., Columbus

The Mom Says

On Saturday mornings, our family often debates whether to get doughnuts or bagels. Alex, our resident sweet tooth, always votes doughnuts while Nick, who favors salty foods over dessert, clamors for bagels.

We recently found a happy medium at Kolache Republic, a bakery in the Brewery District that serves kolaches, a doughy Czech pastry. Alex was delighted with the selection of dessert-style rolls while Nick was eager to try the kielbasa with cheese. We ordered a mix of sweet and savory.

The bakery, which was opened by three friends in 2010, was inspired by similar shops in Texas, home to numerous people of Czech ancestry.

My favorite was the bacon, egg and cheese kolache ($3.95). The precooked filling is baked into the bakery's amazing bread - a slightly sweet and very light roll. The sweet choices ($2 each) also were delicious. I loved the lemon poppy seed.

The bakery is tiny but has a great vibe. The walls were brightly painted, and the staff was friendly and helpful. As we deliberated about our order, another patron weighed in on his favorites. Now that we know our favorites, I would be tempted to send my husband for a carryout order. Kolache Republic sells a dozen sweet rolls for $18. They would be a great addition to a weekend brunch or a morning staff meeting at work.

-Melissa Kossler Dutton


The Kid (Age 11) Says

When I ordered the hash brown, egg and cheese special, I did not realize it would be served encased in bread. But it was a pleasant surprise. Most of the food served at Kolache Republic comes either on or in bread. The bread is fluffy and soft. It was amazing.

We shared several breakfast items. In addition to the hash brown, egg and cheese, we also ordered a kielbasa with cheese kolache and one with bacon, egg and cheese. My favorite was the kielbasa with cheese ($3.95) because the sausage was delicious.

My dad asked someone who worked there and they told him they buy their meat from Falters Fine Meats, a local company that has been making sausage for more than 100 years. The reason I like the kielbasa so much was that it is really flavorful and the cheese was melty and good.

We also tried several sweet kolaches: blueberry with cheese, mocha, lemon poppy seed and apple with salted caramel. I preferred the savory to the sweet. If I had to pick a favorite dessert one, it would be the mocha because it had chocolate chips on top.

We ate at the bakery, which is very small. They only have a few tables - most of which seat two or four people. If you have a lot of people, you might want to order your food to go. It was fun to eat there. They had a giant magnet board with lots of alphabet letters that people leave silly messages on. The bathroom was very nice but there was no changing area.

Next time my family can't decide where to go to breakfast on Saturday mornings, I'm voting for Kolache Republic. I think we all agreed it was delicious.

-Nick Dutton


The Kid (Age 9) Says

When I heard that we were going to a bakery where they bake sausage in bread, I wasn't sure what to expect. Then when I realized that they also had blueberry and other flavors, I was excited to try the food.

We walked in and I wasn't sure what to order, so I looked at the bakery case and saw something with chocolate chips and said I wanted that. In addition to the mocha kolache with chocolate chips, my mom ordered a bunch of rolls to try.

We do that a lot when we are eating somewhere new. That way, we all get to try everything. We usually order seconds of our favorites. This was a good strategy for Kolache Republic because we had never heard of kolaches before. We looked them up online after going there and learned that they are a kind of pastry served at weddings in central Europe.

My favorite ended up being the apple with salted caramel, which kind of surprised me because I don't usually like caramel. But the combination of the apples with the caramel was yummy. I thought kolache dough tasted a little bit like Hawaiian rolls but better. My dad and brother liked the kolache with kielbasa in it, but I thought it was a little spicy. I liked the hash brown, egg and cheese one best of the savory options.

I would eat here again. It was an interesting change from doughnuts and a bit better than bagels.

-Alex Dutton




Mom: Big smile

Nick: Big smile

Alex: Big smile


Mom: Big smile

Nick: Big smile

Alex: Smile


Mom: Smile

Nick: Big smile

Alex: Smile


Mom: Bacon, egg and cheese

Nick: Kielbasa with cheese

Alex: Apple with salted caramel