Yarn-Wrapped Flowers

Olivera Bratich

If those April showers did their work, then this May will be full of flowers! Celebrate the season with this fun floral project and use the final product to decorate your home or brighten someone's day. And don't forget Mother's Day is May 8!


• Cardboard

• Yarn in various colors

• Wooden craft sticks

• Green paint

• Scissors

• Tacky glue


1. Cut a tulip shape from the cardboard. If your child needs a little extra help drawing the shape, trace half of the bottom of a cup then connect the two ends with a large zigzag line.

2. Hold the end of the yarn against the back of the flower with a finger. Then start wrapping the yarn around the flower, making sure to go over the loose end multiple times, keeping it in place.

3. Continue to wrap yarn around the cardboard flower until it is covered to your satisfaction. Not every bit has to be covered - leaving some of the cardboard peeking through is perfectly fine. (Plus younger children may not have the patience to wrap the flower entirely!)

4. Tuck the end of the yarn into the back of the flower, underneath other strands of yarn. Set aside for a moment.

5. Paint the wooden craft stick green and let it dry.

6. Glue the tulip head to the stick and lay it flat to dry.

7. Repeat as desired to create a small spring bouquet and tuck in your favorite vase!


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