Patriotic Ribbon Twirlers

Staff Writer
Columbus Parent

Whether your family is heading out to a parade or just hanging out in the backyard, these hand-crafted ribbon twirlers are bound to make your Fourth of July more festive. This project is a great way to use up ribbon and fabric scraps and can be made with different colors for different holidays throughout the year.

*Dowel rod

*Eye screw

*Ribbon and fabric scraps (Alternatively, you can make this project with tissue paper and crepe paper left over from birthday or graduation parties.)

1. Have an adult insert the eye screw into one end of the dowel rod.

2. Look through ribbon and fabric scraps for anything red, white or blue and at least 12 inches long.

3. Cut the width of any fabric scraps to ¼ to ½ inch. The lengths can be anywhere from 12-24 inches.

4. Insert each ribbon/scrap length through the eye screw and pull through about halfway.

5. If you have a large number of scraps, continue to feed them through until the eye is filled tightly. Use a bamboo skewer to help feed through as many as possible. If you have a small number of scraps, feed them all through, then tie into a simple double knot at the eye screw.

6. Twirl away!