Paper Garden Collage

Staff Writer
Columbus Parent

Texture is how something feels when you touch it. Some two-dimensional art has actual texture. This may come from the surface it's created on, such as canvas or watercolor paper, that has its own texture.

The artist may add something to paint, such as sand, or spread the paint so thickly that it creates a texture. Creating a collage by attaching different materials to a background also creates texture.

*1 piece of 12-by-18-inch paper


*Collection of torn construction or tissue paper


  1. Look at examples of flowers and gardens-in books, magazines, online or real life.
  2. Lightly sketch your own garden. Working in small sections at a time, "paint" with the glue. Attach the papers to the glue to color in your garden.

Instead of plain-colored papers, use patterned paper (from magazines, old wallpaper book samples, scrapbook papers, etc.). How does this expand your creative options?

Go the extra mile: Gather some items from around the house with interesting textures and make rubbings. Put a thin piece of paper (tracing paper or newsprint are good choices) over the object and rub the surface of the paper lightly with a soft lead pencil, charcoal, pastel or pastel crayon. Incorporate into your Paper Garden Collage.

Share: What items with interesting texture did you select? Can someone tell, just from the rubbings, what each object is?

Reflect: Think about the rubbings that are your favorites. Why do you like them best? Look for a building or vehicle with interesting lines and textures and explain how those elements affect your impression of it.