Paper Woven Corn Garland

Staff Writer
Columbus Parent

Celebrate the fall season with a colorful ode to corn! Kids likely will be learning about the staple of maize in early American life during this time of the school year, and family craft projects are a great way to extend lessons at home. Besides being fun for all ages, weaving helps children get practice with measuring and ruler use.


*Construction paper in yellow, green, brown, red and orange




*Glue stick

*Hole punch

*String or ribbon


1. On a yellow sheet of construction paper, draw or trace an ear of corn that's about the length of the paper and about 3 inches wide.

2. Fold the corn in half vertically. Use the ruler to mark lines along the fold that are ½ inch apart, leaving 1 inch blank at the top and bottom. Use the ruler again to draw straight lines with a pencil along those markings from the fold, stopping ½ inch from the edge of the paper. Use scissors to cut along those lines, then unfold the corn.

3. Cut 1/4-inch strips from the red, orange and brown papers.

4. Starting on one side, weave a strip of paper vertically under and over the cuts in the corn. Repeat this step with alternating colors until the area is full.

5. Glue the ends of each strip to the corn.

6. Cut out husks from the green paper and glue them to the front of the woven corn.

7. Punch two holes at the top of each piece of corn made by your family members. Weave a string or ribbon in and out of the holes to finish your banner. Hang up and enjoy all autumn!