Decoupage Votive

Olivera Bratich

As far as indoor crafting goes, this project has a child's favorite elements: messiness, glue and sparkles. Parents and supervising adults: Be sure to leave enough time for cleanup! The results are hopefully worth the mess, and the whole family will enjoy the colorful light created by these votive holders.


*Tissue paper in two to four colors

*Decoupage glue (Mod Podge or similar)

*Glass jar

*Sponge brush


*Silver or white glitter

*Newspaper for protecting table surfaces


1. Cut tissue paper into small triangles and shapes sized around 1 inch. The shapes do not have to measure the same, so cut away! The smaller the shapes, the more you will have to add to the collage. The larger the shapes, the quicker the collage process will go.

2. Once you have a pile of shapes ready, prepare your collaging area. Lay down newspaper on work surfaces. Pour the decoupage glue into a small bowl or plate, and shake some glitter into the container. Mix thoroughly.

3. Use the sponge brush to apply sparkly glue to the jar. Cover about one-fourth of the surface. Start applying tissue shapes on the jar, layering and overlapping them. Add a second coat of glue on top of the shapes. Decoupage glue dries clear, so apply liberally.

4. Repeat all the way around the jar. Make sure glue covers all of the tissue, binding it to the glass.

5. Let dry for 48-72 hours. (Waiting for it to dry is probably the hardest part.) When it is completely dry, light a votive candle inside the jar and watch it sparkle.