Hands On: Galaxy Bottle

Olivera Bratich
A galaxy bottle

Galaxy bottles, also called sensory bottles or calm-down bottles, are excellent tools for reducing anxiety in younger children as well as those with autism or sensory processing disorders.

Bring them out at bedtime, time-outs and during difficult transitions to help establish a peaceful moment for your child.

The bottles are an inexpensive and easy project to make, and the whole family can enjoy being part of the creative process. Kids will love choosing the colors of the galaxy, and everyone can appreciate the colorful results!


*Clear plastic water bottle, ideally with a flat bottom and flat sides

*Hot water

*Clear hand soap

*Fine glitter

*Food coloring

*Bowl with spout


*Hot glue or Super Glue


1. Remove any stickers and the lid from the bottle.

2. Pour hot water and soap in a 50-50 mixture into a bowl.

3. Quickly add the desired amount of glitter and food coloring and mix thoroughly.

4. Whisk together, scraping the sides of the bowl.

5. Pour the mixture into the bottle. If glitter remains in the bowl, add a little more hot water and pour it into the bottle.

6. Put the lid back on and test the bottle by turning it back and forth. If the desired effect is achieved, remove the lid and let the water return to room temperature. If you want to add more glitter or food coloring, transfer the liquid back into the bowl and repeat steps 3 to 5.

7. When the bottle has cooled, an adult can use the glue to seal the lid in place.


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